New for Q3 2021

Package scheme for Compliance Teams
with Portable CPD TM and cFCRC certification

Q3 2021 package. Available now.
Offer expires 30 November 2021.
Courses expire after 12 months.
cFCRC credits expire 24 months.

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Advanced courses



Essentials for Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Professionals.



Short courses for risk and compliance officers.




Quick To Learn More for front-liners to senior managers.



Key Concepts





Jurisdictions - law, regulation, risks





How Money Launderers Use (market segmentation)



About Quick To Learn More.



Courses for everyone.




Blog and BLOG/casts & newsletter.


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*Sample statutory
requirement for

*Learning Ladders (TM)

*Course Awards

*Course Credits

*Designation: cFCRC

*Portable CPD (TM)

*Group / Corporate accounts

*Your Manuals, Our Platform

*Incoming: training for temporary, contract and new staff







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