Using Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Training

This free course is

a) an introduction to and "about" section for Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Training - a new name for one of the longest established financial crime e-learning platforms - Quick To Learn More.

b) a "how to" manual - don't worry - for our existing users you'll see remarkably little difference in howyou use the platform but it's slicker, more modern and there are several new "back-end" features. But rest assured - it's still the low graphic, text-forward style that doesn't eat your bandwidth, doesn't need loads of processing power and, most importantly, sticks with the ethos that, once you've logged on, you can push your keyboard away and sit back with your beverage of choice because you only need your mouse to progress.

c) FAQs. We've been in this industry a long time. If you've got a question, someone will have asked it before. Check it out in the FAQs section of the "Using" course.

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