Portable CPD/CPE

Did you know that our courses can count towards your CPE/CPD hours for many professional bodies?

Some professional bodies, e.g. lawyers' and others, require that their members achieve a certain number of hours of Continuous Professional Development (or Education) every year. Usually, they do not require that the CPD be provided by an approved provider although some do.

We provide both a time estimate and a recommended CPD/E hours figure for our courses that we consider reach the level suitable for regulatory acceptance. Usually, that is Junior and above.

We are not part of any CPD/E approvals scheme. We operate globally and approvals schemes are almost invariably single jurisdiction. Some approvals schemes are single industry / profession within a single jurisdiction. We cannot be expected to join literally hundreds of approval schemes across industries and around the world.

You can check with your professional body if they will accept education from outside their approvals scheme for CPD: even those that have an approvals scheme often also allow hours for general reading and our courses are likely to be accepted under that head.

Note: where we are asked by a specific regulator or profession to develop a specific course for its members, that will usually be granted CPD/E status by the regulator or professional body.

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