Learning Ladders (TM)

You'll never have to say "What if...."

With our graduated learning system, called Learning Ladders, you and your staff can choose the level you need to work at - and work up to where you want to be.

Awareness courses are intended for those who need to know what they need to know.

Basic Courses are introductory level courses which are not intended to be sufficient to meet the regulatory requirements for training in financial services businesses. They are useful for general knowledge and for introduction to the subjects referred to.

Junior courses (also known as Frontliners' Courses) are designed to meet the regulatory training requirements for financial crime risk for

- front line staff;
- non-customer facing staff who may nevertheless come into possession of information

Junior courses are not intended for managers, directors, owners or compliance / risk / internal audit staff.

Junior courses are part of the Learning Ladder (tm) Series and attract Course Credits for those who go on to study for the Certificate in Financial Crime Risk and Compliance.

Senior courses are designed to exceed the training expectations of regulators for

- managers
- directors
- owners
- compliance and risk staff
- internal audit staff.

In addition, we have "Senior Mini" courses which are short, single topic courses often on matters of current interest and importance including an award and Course Credits.

Master courses are designed for senior compliance and risk staff. They go beyond training and into education.

While training is primarily about knowledge and the application of that knowledge, education is about development beyond the norm.

Master courses are intellectually demanding and require a high level of both commitment and comprehension as well as a desire to look outside the perimeters that are usually considered the limits of what you need to know. It is only with this level courses that you will truly master your subject.

Master courses are not memory tests: they provide a deep understanding of a particular aspect of financial crime risk and compliance. Of course, there's an award and Course Credits.

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