Group / Corporate Accounts

Groups and business entities may apply for a corporate account.

You will nominate an administrator who will be our sole point of contact.

Your administrator will be able to perform a range of functions within the Group Administration Interface.

Amongst other things the administrator is able to print out or download details of the progress of the users within his group which provides the management and regulatory reports necessary for compliance with training regulations.

There is no charge to create a group of more than 20 persons.

For groups of 20 persons or less, we will assess the proposal and inform you of the set up charge for the creation of the group.

Within Groups, all users have exactly the same benefits and functions as individual users.

Note that, because of international billing and taxation requirements, all bills relating to Group / Corporate sales are processed by an invoicing system via Stripe for payment by card or by an invoice issued directly by us, Vortex Centrum Limited, for payment by funds transfer to our bank in the UK. All prices shewn are inclusive of UK VAT.

Where payment is made via bank transfer or via Stripe, registrations are processed manually and instant access to courses is not available.

How it works

Front liners' modules: In Q 2021, we will migrate our current experimental front-liners' format to a modular format. But it's not a new format: it's actually the format that we pioneered in 2002 when we originally launched Quick to Learn More. And having experimented with an alternative, it's very clear that our 19 year old approach remains by far the best!

It works in the way that all our customers are used to - by the use of tokens. When you run out of tokens, you can buy more and we'll add them to your account. All unused tokens expire when the subscription expires.

For corporate customers who wish to purchase courses that are not Front-Liner Modules, each course is individually priced. Corporate account holders are provided with a voucher for a discount against all courses for existing members of their group. The voucher expires when the subscription expires.

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