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Frontliners' courses consist of three sub-modules each of which is a simplified version of a Senior course.

A Frontliners' course includes elements from
- Essentials of money laundering and terrorist financing risk and compliance
- Law and regulation in the relevant jurisdiction
- "how money launderers use..." the relevant business area.

Singapore: This Frontliners' Course is for all those in customer-facing or clerical positions below manager in regulated businesses. It is not for those with supervisory functions including managers, directors, internal audit, compliance, etc.

About this course.

Cost of course: GBP75.00 including UK VAT where applicable.

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Course language: English


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Pre-existing subject knowledge required: none

Time required: about 4 hours

Test: yes

Certificate: yes

Subscription expires: one year

Age limit: 16 plus

Price: GBP75.00 including UK VAT where applicable

Payment method: credit or debit card

Payment Gateway: Stripe

Level: Frontliner

Frontliners' courses are designed to meet the regulatory training requirement for financial crime risk and compliance for

- front line staff;
- non-customer facing staff who may nevertheless come into possession of information

Frontliners' courses are not intended for managers, directors, owners or compliance / risk / internal audit staff.

Course curriculum

1 About the course
Caveat and Legal
Status of this course

2 Singapore - Information
3 Money laundering and terrorist financing - Introduction .
4 Singapore Legislation
5 Comparing "knowledge," "belief" and "suspicion.
6 CDSA Obligations on Certain businesses.
7 The Financing or Terrorism (Terrorism (Suppression of Financing Act) 2002 (Chap. 325)
8 Singapore Regulation and Guidelines
9 How money launderers use Merchant and Investment Banks

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