Financial Crime Awareness for non-financial businesses

Money laundering is an example of financial crime. It's also unusual because it's a crime where a victim can be prosecuted. But it's far from the only financial crime that can get businesses, their owners and senior officers into trouble. There's fraud, providing assistance or money to terrorists, bribery and corruption and more.

This "Awareness" course is not country or industry specific. It describes the areas that business owners, directors and managers, regardless of the type of business their companies operate in, need to know about.

It's Quick (just 15 minutes) and you'll find out if you want - or need - to Learn More.

This is a non-certificated course and there is no test. Subscription is single-use and expires when you complete the course or after 14 days, whichever comes first.

Cost of course: includes UK VAT where applicable.

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Pre-existing subject knowledge required: none

Time required: about 15 minutes

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1. Do I need to know about money laundering and other financial crime?

2. General liability; the Regulated Sector

3. What what are money laundering and terrorist financing and how could I get into trouble?

4. What are bribery, corruption and plunder, extortion, blackmail and embezzlement?

5. Other financial crimes

6. My business is not in the regulated sector. Why should I care?

7. Examples of businesses that money launderers trick into taking their dirty money.

8. Are there people I should be particularly wary of dealing with?

9. What has all this to do with why it's so difficult to open a bank, electricity or phone account?

10. What should I do next?

11. Crimes against the business

Test: Awareness course: Financial Crime Awareness for non-financial businesses


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Financial Services businesses such as banks, law firms and others may find it useful to encourage their business customers and clients to read this course.

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