Course Types and Fees

For additional information on the types of course, see Learning Ladders (tm)

*Free course*: How to use the e-learning platform. All users are recommended to take this short course that explains everything you need to know. It's the manual, the answers to any support questions you are likely to have and it's also where you'll find the FAQ about the system.

Except for free courses, course fees are payable.

The fee paid for each course includes:

1. registration for that course
2. unlimited access to the course for the duration specified
3. course examination (test) - including unlimited repeats
4. upon your passing an examination, , an on-line certificate you can print and a link to allow you to post your award to your Social Media feed.
5. Portable CPD (tm) hours
5. course credits

If you meet the course credit requirement to achieve the designation Certificate in Financial Crime Risk and Compliance, you will be entitled to apply for the issue of your Certificate and the entering of your name in the Register. There is no fee for the production of your Certificate nor for entering or maintaining your name on the Register. There is no charge for sending you a soft copy of the certificate. If you want us to originate and mail to you a hard copy, complete with a seal and original signature (not framed), there will be a cost, as yet unannounced. That certificate will be recorded in the Register with reference to a code number with reference to which validity may be cross-checked to whom you have given the code number.

There is no registration fee to sign up to the platform.
There is no continuing membership fee.

All you ever pay is the fee for the courses you take plus the fees for your Certificate if you elect to have it produced by us.

Payment of fees.

Note that we never see any of your payment information and it is never transmitted to us. We see only the fact of your payment and the course to which you have subscribed which is cross-referenced to your e-mail address. All transactions are conducted OFFSITE with our payment services providers.

Signups by individuals: payment is made by our merchant services provider STRIPE.

Group Signups: we bill via SHOPIFY, which allowing us to account for UK VAT on sales to corporate customers.

Fees for certificate production and delivery are invoiced and processed via SHOPIFY.

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