Essentials - Lawyers and money laundering, etc.

For lawyers. And all that deal with them

Lawyers are both victims and perpetrators of money laundering and other financial crime schemes.

They are a risk to themselves and the people they deal with.

This course reviews everything you need to know if you are a lawyer or if you deal with lawyers, particularly as a provider of financial services or, even, as a counterparty.

The course focuses on strategic matters that affect all lawyers in all jurisdictions and those who deal with them both domestically and internationally.

With reference to England and Wales, the USA, Australia and others, the course demonstrates the wide variations of both definitions of relevant lawyers and the obligations placed upon them.

In addition, it raises questions as to the regulatory regimes in place, the approaches of supra-national bodies and draws attention to inconsistency in laws and regulations and the gaps into which lawyers can inadvertently fall and drag their banks and others who deal with them.

The course is a detailed examination of the risk and compliance issues that lawyers face and and those they present to others.

Price: The Price shown on the Course page includes UK VAT where applicable.

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Course level: Senior

Language: English

Access : unlimited for 12 months

Portable CPD (where recognised) 8 hours

Exam: Yes
Passmark: 80%
Retakes: Yes
Certificate: Yes
Certificate validity: 12 months from examination.

cFCRC points: Yes

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