Course awards

Course awards are in the form of a certificate which you can download and print.

But they are so much more. We'll tell you about that in a minute.

First, let's explain why our award is such good value.

* Our award lasts for 12 months after you successfully complete an examination at the end of a course.

* Most of our courses give you 12 months unlimited access.

* You can take a course multiple times.

So if, for example, you sign up today and complete the course within the next few days, your award will be valid for a few days after your access expires.

But our area of activity, financial crime, is a fast-moving environment. What you learn today may have changed several times in that year. So you'll have been into the course several times for updates. If you take your examination again just before your course access expires, you'll have a year from that later date until your award expires. You don't pay to take the examination nor for the award certificate. So you get two year's award for one year's course subscription. Add in that the Course Credits are tied to the expiry of your award, not the expiry of your access, and you can see how easy it is to collect the Course Credits you need for your Certificate in Financial Crime Risk and Compliance - and to keep it once you have got it. And, of course, your employer and regulator can see that you've kept your training up to date.


November 2018: Jailed NHS psychiatrist who practised for 22 years without a licence sparks review of 3,000 doctors who qualified overseas:

November 2019: Doctored qualifications: 'Dr' Daniel Mthimkhulu ordered to pay Prasa back R5.7m. The amount was paid to Mthimkhulu after he fraudulently lied about his qualifications in order to obtain a senior position at the state-owned rail operator,.

January 2020. A senior NHS boss who gained his job by falsely stating he had a degree has received a suspended prison sentence. Peter Knight, 53, served as chief information and digital officer at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust from August 2016 until September 2018.

All of our courses above Awareness include an award for successfully passing the end-of-course exam and achieving the required grade. All courses require a pass mark of 80% or more.

Your course award includes Course Credits which can be used towards the designation cFCRC.