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Financial Risk and Compliance Training and Certification in assoc with FCF

20210921 Launch of Q3 2021 Compliance Teams Package.

Today we launch the Q3 package for compliance teams.

Q3 2021 package. Available now.
Offer expires 30 November 2021.
Courses expire after 12 months.
cFCRC credits expire 24 months

The Q3 2021 Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Training package has been designed to include a suite of courses that complement each other.

The inter- linking of corporations, trusts, offshore financial services, lawyers and fraud in VAT-style tax systems creates a composite picture of a complex network of facilities that criminals exploit. Add in the Key Concepts (money laundering and terrorist financing) and the Advanced Court Understanding Suspicion and the package brings an unrivalled understanding of the risks and issues facing financial services businesses today.

Q3 2021. Available now. Offer expires 30 November 2021.


To qualify for this package, a minimum of five persons are required.

To qualify for the cFCRC designation, 300 credits are required. This package, once completed, provides them all.

This package consists of nine modules. All modules must be completed and all examinations passed to the required standard to achieve the necessary number of total credits.

The modules in this package are not jurisdiction specific. They are of global application. We have presumed that risk and compliance personnel at the level this package is intended for are familiar with the law and regulation in the jurisdiction(s) in which they operate.

Portable CPD TM is our estimate of the time required to complete each module. Portable CDP is valid where recognised.

In this package:

Key Concepts in Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
Essentials: the financial crime risks of legal services providers including money laundering
Essentials: The financial crime risks of corporate vehicles, trusts and other structures. PARTS I , II and III
Essentials: The financial crime risks of Offshore Financial Services, Private Banking and Family Offices
Essentials: Value Added Tax / GST fraud including Missing Trader / Carousel Fraud.
Advanced: Understanding Suspicion in Financial Crime

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For more information and to book a package, please visit "Packages"


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