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20201208 Essentials - Corporate structures, etc. - Part II released.

Today sees the release of the second part of Essentials: Companies, Trusts and other structures.

This series of three modules makes up one course.

The modules are cumulative. For this reason the examination in Module II includes testing on Module I and the examination in Module III includes testing on Modules I and II.

You can purchase each individual module as you progress or you can purchase, in advance, all three modules in a bundle, and make a big saving.

The bundle is at

Module I is at

Module II is at

Module III will be released before the end of 2020. It can be pre-purchased at

Each module attracts Portable CPD (where recognised)

A certificate is issued in respect of each part.

The completed course (all three modules) attracts points towards your Certificate in Financial Crime Risk and Compliance and the designation cFCRC.

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