Financial Crime Risk and Compliance is difficult.

We can't make it easy but we can make it easy to understand - across the organisation:
- from new hires on the front-line to experienced compliance officers and directors/owners,
- from judges to prosecutors, from civil servants to legislators.

How can we help you?


Books and doorway - Financial crime risk and compliance training Essentials

We read, assess, analyse, condense and explain vast amounts of material so you are prepared every time you walk through a door.

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Your vulnerability

how money launderers, etc. use - image - pile of cash

It's a mistake to imagine that money laundering is all about cash or, even, about money in the sense that most people think of it.

Every business is an opportunity for the money launderers and terrorist financiers.

How do money launderers, etc. use yours and those you deal with?

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Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Training - Mountain - Pinnacle

Climbing to the top is hard - but worth it when you get there.

We are your guide.

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Law and Regulation

You want me to read that? Law and Regulation

Law and Regulation - ever more, ever more complex.

Our jurisdiction modules cut it down to size.

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Case Studies

Criminal case studies - financial crime risk and compliance

Some people call them "methodologies." Our case studies are mostly taken from case reports worldwide not media releases or press reports.

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Key Concepts

Key Concepts

Key Concepts are the building blocks of all study with us.

Start here for the first steps on your journey from beginner to expert in structured, graduated, learning.

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Genesis - we really were there at the beginning

We have a very long, very relevant history. Starting in the 1970s.

Every day is a new dawn that we view through the lens of knowledge and experience.

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Team Packages

man with packages

Team Packages support group learning even when groups are distanced.

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Certificates & CPD

Financial Crime Risk and Compliance Training - Learning Ladder

Our Learning Ladder concept goes from beginner right up to advanced, which shows that you really, really know your stuff. There's CPD, too.

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Your manuals, our platform

files: your manuals, our platform

You can add your financial crime policies and procedures manuals to our platform, providing a uniform reference, education and testing service.

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Your company can licence our content or commission us to produce content for you which you can then put into your own CMS.

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